Granville Harbour Wind Farm is surrounded by a small, close knit community with the closest town being Granville Harbour. Granville Harbour Operations are committed to making sure the wind farm makes a positive contribution to the region. Consultation with the local residents and key stakeholders is underway and will be ongoing throughout each stage of the wind farm development.

Community Updates

Our Community Updates contain useful information about the wind farm project and construction activities. Copies are delivered to households and businesses in Zeehan, Tullah, Rosebery, Strahan and Queenstown.

Issue 1: December 2018

Issue 2: May 2019

Enquiries and Complaints

Granville Harbour Operations follows a clear process for receiving and responding to community enquiries or complaints.

Have a question?  Fill out our Contact Form to submit a query. Alternatively, visit our FAQs page for more information on the project.

Shared benefits

Granville Harbour Operations will look to share benefits of this exciting project with local community groups and organisations via community support and investment.