About the wind farm

Granville Harbour Wind Farm is one of the most productive and efficient wind farms in Australia – producing around 400 gigawatt hours of clean energy every year.

Situated on Tasmania’s West Coast, Granville Harbour Wind Farm capitalises on the region’s exceptional wind resources – known as the Roaring 40’s.

The wind farm sends renewable energy to Tasmanian homes and businesses via an 11-kilometre, 220kV transmission line that connects to the electricity grid near the Reece Dam and Power Station.


Granville Harbour Wind Farm is located on a 1200 hectare farming property around 35 kilometres from the small town of Zeehan.

The wind farm site is considered ideal given its proximity to prevailing westerly winds, as well as the remote location and working farm environment.


Granville Harbour Wind Farm comprises 31 latest technology Vestas wind turbines.

Each 3.6 MW wind turbine reaches almost 200 metres above ground level at the blade tip – making these the tallest in Tasmania at the time of construction. 62 metre-long, aerodynamic blades sweep an area equivalent to two full size soccer pitches – generating energy quietly and efficiently.

Each turbine has the capacity to operate independently and utilises sensors to assess wind speed and direction before manoeuvring to make best use of available wind resources.


Granville Harbour Wind Farm commenced construction in 2018 and reached commercial operations in 2020. Below is an extended 7-minute video which includes some spectacular time-lapse and drone footage captured during the construction phase.