The west coast of Tasmania is a unique landscape with high environmental value. In keeping with the Smith family’s tradition of sustainably farming Granville Farm, the vision is to combine this with sustainably farm the region’s exceptional wind resources.

Annual Environment Review

Our second Annual Environment Review report has now been completed and accepted by the Environment Protection Authority. If you would like to receive a copy please contact us.

Renewable Energy

Growing awareness of climate change has highlighted the need for Australians to generate electricity using cleaner, greener technologies.

Wind power is one of the most advanced, affordable technologies for generating clean energy, and over the last ten years wind farms have become an increasingly important part of Australia’s electricity network.

As of 2017, renewable energy generation accounts for around 90 per cent of Tasmania’s total electricity supply, and its emissions are some of the lowest in the developed world.

The Granville Harbour Wind Farm will further increase the states production of renewable energy and help achieve its goal to make Tasmania 100 per cent renewable energy self-sufficient by 2022.

Cultural Heritage

A total of four registered Aboriginal Cultural Heritage sites have been identified within the wind farm and transmission line construction corridor. None of these sites are situated directly within the footprint of any proposed infrastructure or associated works (turbine locations, access roads, cable trench easements, transmission line, quarry, sub-station, etc). Consequently, none of these sites will be impacted by the proposed wind farm development.

Wind farm noise

Existing, ambient noise levels at the site are considered to be moderate due to the proximity to the Southern Ocean, the exposed coastline and strong prevailing winds.

At all times, regulated noise limits require the noise associated with wind farms to be restricted to a permissible level above background noise and this will be monitored by Granville Harbour Wind Farm. Preliminary noise modelling indicates noise levels will be below permitted levels for all surrounding properties.


While individual wind turbines will be visible, the main features of the local landscape will not be obscured or diminished.

Studies have determined the wind farm will not generate any shadow flicker impact for motorists travelling along local roads surrounding the wind farm.

Proposed view from Heemskirk Rd, facing North
Proposed view from Cannonball Drive, Granville Harbour, facing North

Native Species

An avifauna management plan has been developed specifically to protect native species that may be present on the site. Extensive surveys conducted during planning for the wind farm identified that the probability of protected bird and animal species living near the site was low due to the site having been previously cleared for agriculture.