Construction activities on site are progressing well with eight wind turbine foundation concrete pours now complete. Installation of steel reinforcement for the wind turbine foundations continues and the construction of hardstands at each foundation is also underway in preparation for the installation of wind turbines. Our first wind turbine is expected to be erected by the end of October.

Work on the 11km transmission line to connect Granville Harbour Wind Farm to the electricity grid is almost complete. Helicopter stringing operations are progressing well and the installation of all transmission line poles and towers is expected to be finished by mid October.

Wind turbine component deliveries from Burnie to site are now underway and expected to take around six months to complete. Oversize items will be transported to site between the hours of 3am and 11am Monday to Saturday or six days of the week. Please note that timings are subject to change and dependent upon daylight hours, road and weather conditions. Please refer to the Transport page for up-to date information on our transport schedule.