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Construction workers for the $280m Granville Harbour Wind Farm have successfully completed the project’s new 11-kilometre 220kV transmission line and switching station, in preparation for sending an additional 112MW of clean, zero emissions energy into the grid.

When complete, the Granville Harbour Wind Farm, near Zeehan on Tasmania’s west coast, will provide a significant new source of electricity – up to 360 gigawatt hours of energy a year – or enough to power for 46,000 homes.

Energy output from the wind farm will be sold to Hydro Tasmania as part of a long-term power purchase agreement.

“Completing the transmission line gives us a physical connection to Tasmania’s energy network and brings us closer to delivering a new source of renewable energy to households and businesses,” Project Director Lyndon Frearson said.

The 220kV transmission line connects the wind farm to an existing section of the Tasmanian electricity network, nearby to the Reece Dam and Power Station.

The chosen transmission line route to the wind farm follows an existing roadside easement, a decision that ensured significantly less impact to native vegetation in the remote area.

Stringing of electrical conductor wires along the transmission line corridor and across Reece Dam was completed by highly trained and highly skilled helicopter pilots.

‘Heli-stringing’ is an efficient means of installing electrical conductor wires on largescale transmission line projects as the helicopter’s manoeuvrability and precision reduces the amount of time it takes to install high voltage wires.

“This is an important milestone that allows Granville Harbour Wind Farm to proceed with further commissioning activities in readiness for first generation,” Mr Frearson said.

“We’re really pleased this important project has been completed by local contractors, TasNetworks, Zinfra and Gradco to a to a high standard, with no lost time injuries and a strong safety record.”

TasNetworks Chief Executive Officer, Lance Balcombe said “We’re pleased and proud to have built the 11-kilometre transmission line that links Granville Harbour Wind Farm to the network.”

Other achievements at the wind farm construction site include:

  • 50 oversize deliveries made to site since transport commenced last month.
  • Base tower sections for two turbines now erected.
  • 13 wind turbine foundations poured – each requiring 100 truckloads of concrete.

The first wind turbine is expected to be fully installed later this month.

For up to date photos of project progress, connect with the project on Instagram @granvilleharbourwind