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The transportation of wind turbine components for Granville Harbour Wind Farm is now well underway, with around 50 components delivered since the beginning of October.

Following a successful first few weeks of deliveries, we are now in the process of reviewing our Transport Management Plan (TMP) in collaboration with the Department of State Growth and Emergency Services representatives.

In general, the convoys have been able to move through the route more quickly than anticipated, and we will be updating our estimated timings shortly to help commuters plan accordingly.

It’s important to note that these timings are always subject to change and dependent upon a range of factors including weather and road conditions.

Different components also travel at different speeds – the 62-metre long wind turbine blades can actually travel more quickly than some of the tower sections, which take longer due to the immense weight of the load.

Our main focus is to make sure we deliver all of our components to the wind farm site as safely and efficiently as possible, and with minimal disruption to other road users.

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while these important deliveries are underway.