Construction of the wind farm is progressing well. We currently have around 60 – 70 workers on site and this number will continue to ramp up over the coming months.

A lot has been achieved since the beginning of the year. Our new site entrance is now open, the main access road through the wind farm is almost complete and our site office is ready. Roadworks to upgrade the Heemskirk Rd intersection are also underway and scheduled to be complete in March.

Work to complete our wind turbine foundations continues. At the beginning of March, 16 out of 31 wind turbine foundations had been excavated, including six with foundation piles installed in readiness for the first WTG foundations to be completed. Installation of the first wind turbine anchor cages and rebar and foundation concrete pours are planned for the end of March.

During February we hosted Regional Development Australia (Tasmania) for a site tour and briefing on the economic impact of the wind farm and its role in Tasmania’s energy system.