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Clean, renewable energy has begun flowing from the $280 million Granville Harbour Wind Farm on the West Coast, following the successful installation of nine of the site’s 31 advanced-technology turbines.

When complete, the Granville Harbour Wind Farm will provide a significant new source of clean electricity – up to 360 gigawatt hours of energy a year – or enough power for 46,000 homes.

Each 3.6-megawatt (MW) wind turbine will stand almost 200 metres high – making these the tallest wind turbines in Tasmania.

Wind turbines also feature the latest in turbine blade aerofoil technology – enabling greater wind capture and higher rates of clean energy generation. When turning, blades will sweep an area equivalent to 12,000 metres2 – around the same size as two soccer pitches.

“These first nine turbines are visually astonishing and a clear indication of Tasmania’s determination to move to a future where all electricity needs can be reliably met using clean, renewable power,” Granville Harbour Wind Farm Project Director, Lyndon Frearson, said.

“Witnessing the first electricity flowing from the wind farm today has been a fabulous milestone as it demonstrates the commercial success of this project and reflects the skill and thoroughness of our contractors, Hydro Tasmania, TasNetworks and our investors.”

Energy output from the wind farm will be sold to Hydro Tasmania as part of a long-term power purchase agreement.

Electricity from the site will be transported to customers via a new 220kV transmission line completed by TasNetworks late last year.

Road transportation of oversize wind turbine items is also ongoing with over half of the project’s 372 components already delivered to site in preparation for construction of more wind turbines. Transport has been underway since October last year as part of one of the largest transport delivery programs ever seen on the West Coast.

“Granville Harbour Wind Farm is a really good example of how clean energy benefits not only energy customers but the region’s communities and the environment, Mr Frearson said.

“By providing a new supply of clean energy – made here on the West Coast – Granville Harbour Wind Farm will make a significant and important contribution to the State Government’s target of 100% renewable energy by 2022.”