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We have been closely monitoring the escalation of community isolation directives by the Tasmanian Government and in response we have implemented further changes to our onsite work practices.

Most notable has been changes to the makeup of our onsite construction crew. Following agreement with our Contractor and Sub Contractors, all but five of our 125-strong workforce are now based full time on the West Coast. It is no small thing to have had so many of our personnel agree to be based in the West Coast for the balance of construction of this critical project and is a strong reflection of their commitment to this project and the safety of the West Coast communities.

Steps are also being taken to limit personnel interaction with each other and with the community. Actions to support this include:

  • Support from the Zeehan IGA to provide online ordering and ‘out of hours’ shopping for construction personnel to limit contact with the local community.
  • A full meal service for site personnel – providing breakfast, lunch, dinner – and, most importantly coffee!
  • Strict health requirements for those entering the site for construction purposes.
  • Sourcing of TGA-approved testing kits to enable testing of onsite workers.

These measures are in addition to rigorous onsite cleaning, personal hygiene and physical distancing requirements.

The entire team at Granville Harbour Wind Farm team are aware that directions for all residents on the North West Coast to self-isolate are very strict and must be followed – and that only leaving home for essential purposes will save lives. We are committed to following these directions – for the health and wellbeing of our workforce and for the safety of the West Coast community.

If you have any questions about the project or our approach to prevention of COVID-19, please contact us on 0416 698 158 or use the enquiries function on this website.